Commission on Appointments rejects Yasay

The Commission on Appointments (CA) dismisses the ad interim appointment of Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. in the midst of waiting inquiries regarding his citizenship.

Former Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr.

He is the main appointee of President Rodrigo Duterte whose arrangement was dismisses by the CA.

It was Representative Panfilo Lacson, as chairman of the CA’s committee group on foreign issues, who moved to reject Yasay’s arrangement.

“The Commission has gone over the qualifications and issues besetting the appointee. After careful deliberations of the foregoing circumstances, and upon a unanimous vote of 15 of its members present in a caucus held this morning, this representation as chair of the foreign affairs, hereby, moves to reject the ad interim appointment of Atty. Perfecto Rivas Yasay Jr. as Secretary of Foreign Affairs. I so move,”

No CA member objected to the motion.

“Any objection? Hearing none, the motion is approved. The ad interim appointment of Secretary Yasay is hereby rejected,” Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III said.

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When he first showed up in his confirmation before Lacson’s panel last February 22, Yasay denied that he became an American citizen and that he owned a US passport.

But at the resumption of the hearing last March 8, he conceded that he was granted US citizenship on November 26, 1986, which he said was voided after he deserted his US residency.

Yasay also apologized for “inadvertently” deceiving the Commission about his US passport.

“When I denied being issued a US passport before this Commission, I have particularly in mind the allegation made by Rappler that I was issued one in 2006 which I can continue to deny for lack of personal knowledge,” he said.

“Let me quickly apologize for having inadvertently misled the Commission on this matter. It has never been my intention to deceive this Commission about my citizenship status,” he added.

After listening to Yasay’s clarification, the panel held an executive session to choose whether to affirm or dismiss his confirmation.