Is a Distance Therapist Right for You?



Before, there was really only one option if you were looking into psychotherapeutic help: traditional, office-based or face-to-face therapy with a therapist that you would meet (or who would meet you) on a regular basis.  Nowadays, though, present technologies have made it possible to pose an alternative to this traditional option: distance therapy, which involves the use of communication technology to cover physical distances between the parties having the session, i.e. the client/patient and therapist.  With distance therapy, you may take to using video calls, cellphone or telephone calls, and even instant messaging in order to converse with your therapist and arrive at the same meaningful insight that you (ideally) would in a traditional psychotherapy setting.

While there are still people who have their doubts about this method of communication between the therapist and his client, there are many therapists who have done both traditional and distance methods and who argue that the results—although not necessarily the journey—are generally the same no matter which method is used.  Joseph Burgo of, for example, believes so much in the efficacy of the distance therapy methods that he offers them himself to his clients.  He does point out, however, that visual contact is often crucial for establishing a relationship between the therapist and a new client, which is why he works via Skype for distance therapy.

That is something to consider: if you are thinking of getting a distance therapist, you should be aware of the sorts of cues you find help you when you are interacting with a therapist to “open up”.  If you need visual contact, it is necessary to seek out a therapist who works with distance therapy methods that make visual contact possible during sessions.  The same goes for those who require real-time, instant communication: instant messaging would not be a good idea for such people.

As long as you are aware of what the client-therapist relationship is—which is not really one of physical contact, after all—there should be no obstacles to your try at a distance therapy session with a good therapist.  Indeed, there may be more reasons to do it than otherwise, since it can be a convenient answer for those whose schedules or places of residence/transience of location make it hard for them to see a therapist the traditional way.

Get some idea as to whether or not distance therapy could be a good match for you and your needs.  While many therapists like Joseph Burgo argue that distance therapy produces much the same results as traditional therapy, there may be other factors that you want to take into consideration when you decide.

What Sorts of Software Programs Can One Find on Migen Blog?


Migen Blog is a blog dedicated to coupons, deals and discounts for computer programs.  As such, most of the people coming to the blog do so to avail of opportunities to get software that they want—and, in many cases, even need—at a lower price than usual.  Indeed, there are even occasions when the software is not simply available at a discounted price owing to the Migen Blog discounts, but actually free (the website has daily giveaways).

The people coming to Migen Blog do so in search of different programs: while antivirus programs are among the most popular—if not the most popular—of the blog’s deal offerings, for instance, it would not be appropriate to say that it is dedicated to them or that customers go to it for only antivirus software.  Migen Blog collects deals on just about every kind of computer program, from computer tune-up software to GPS software.  As with most things, a sampler list may be more helpful than a simple description of what the site covers (“computer software” is a rather broad term, after all), so below is a list of several programs for which deals can be found on Migen Blog.

1. Microsoft Office – Easily among the most well-known of all office/document programs, MS Office can go for as low as 40% off its original price at Migen Blog, which makes the blog a fine resource already for a broad range of people: students, professionals, and just about everyone with a computer.

2. Garmin nuMaps Lifetime Map Update for N. America – People who travel often or those working in the delivery/shipping business could get a lot of use out of this program, which can help them chart North America.

3. Rosetta Stone Spanish – Students, language enthusiasts, and those with an interest in all things Hispanic can benefit from this program, which makes learning the language interesting as well as exciting.  And with the help of Migen Blog, the program can be had for a low price.

4. Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 – Would-be HD movie-makers or editors can get the software they need for their work or hobby at Migen Blog at a 69% discount, which shall surely make a difference to their pockets.

To get an idea of the kinds of software you can find discounts for on Migen Blog, visit the sites below. You will also know whether or not you are likely to find what you need there.  From moviemaker software to language learning programs, just about everything can be found on the blog.

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The UK Sign Shop on Retail Signage as a Must for Businesses


 One of the best-selling categories of products on the UK Sign Shop is the retail signage section: here, people in commerce request advertising signs, branding plaques, product promotional boards, and the like for their establishments, all with a single ultimate goal—to increase conversions.  Retail signage certainly does that—although it has arguably gone from a tool that aids businessmen in that regard to a tool that cannot be done without for anyone in the retail business.

Retail signage has become a necessity in the sense that it is one of the primary means of identification for businesses and brands nowadays.  People look for signs to tell them what store sells what and which store is what brand.  Without signs, many businesses, even those with good consumer or critic reviews published on various media channels, would most certainly not thrive.  Consider the case of a restaurant that has received a rave review from a critic on its menu.  If that restaurant were without signage of any sort and were difficult to locate, it might (might being emphasized here) still survive if a truly determined clientele were to form despite its hole-in-the-wall status—yet it would also be sacrificing a great many potential sales in the process from others who might have been interested in it but unable to locate it.

Retail signage is also necessary because even the best-staffed stores cannot have personnel distributed everywhere at every point in time where a customer or potential client might have an inquiry or interest that needs to be addressed. Retail signage can cover a lot of bases there: it can give details on a product, it can promote a product, it can even indicate to the customer where the product is found in the store.  Indeed, the best retail signage can do all these things at once.  And unlike a staff member, it does not need to be paid for its time, it is ever-present, and if properly fabricated, it can be as long-lasting as the product’s run itself.

It is clear from all this that retail signage serves several very important purposes for retailers.  Without retail signage, a great many things would have to be taken over by people in a most inefficient use of resources.  For that reason alone, businessmen should think carefully about what retail signage they might require to improve their efficiency of operations in the store as well as their establishments’ visibility.

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Understand here how retail signage has become an absolute necessity for commerce, and what usual purposes it serves for businessmen.Click on UK Sign Shop media sites and follow it now!

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