Weight Loss Recipe Enemies

weight loss recipe

Most everyone knows enough to tell the difference from healthy and unhealthy foods. As a rule of thumb, I always say that unhealthy foods are when immediately after eating you think, “I should not have eaten that.” And I am also a firm believer in making one’s own weight loss recipe.

To make an effective weight loss recipe though, one should know who the arch enemies of healthy foods are. There are the usual suspects that have gotten such a bad rep over the years that even non-experts like us could spot them from a mile away. Here are a few of the weight loss recipe enemies:

Butter– OHMIGOD HOW GOOD IS BUTTER, RIGHT?! I cannot think of anything else that is better for frying, nothing more mouth watering, not one think that can be added to make anything fried better. I could write a series of love songs devoted to the richness and absolute divinity of butter.

I would pledge my allegiance to butter. Except for a teeny tiny thing—it will eventually kill you since it’s basically just tastier lard. So yeah, I’m happy for you and Im’ma let you finish, butter, but unclogged arteries are still essential to stay alive—TO STAY ALIVE!

Cream– okay so if butter is the holy grail of all things fried and glorious, this right here is the knockout of all things dessert. That foamy, luscious goodness that stays in your mouth for a few seconds to tease and then dissolves to a smooth layer on your tongue. I love you, cream; please say you love me, too.

Unfortunately, cream certainly does not love back. She is a cold, calculating hag that can only be enjoyed for a small fraction of your life then leave you only with a memory. Again, health gets in the way.

Sugar– Ah, sugar, the good ole friend who has always been there for us. Constantly reinventing herself in new concoctions that blow our taste buds to bits, sugar cannot and will not be silenced. This form of carbohydrate might be simple (some would even say cheap) but she is not one to be quickly forgotten.

weight loss recipeMost of us have held sugars sweet taste in our mouths since childhood and have since learned that she isn’t all that good for you. And as grownups we realize that not only is she bad for us, she’s everywhere—what a psycho. So beware of this temptress, beware her siren song.

So there you have it, the main perpetrators in the complaint launched by weight loss recipe (WLR) proponents. WLR pros has been campaigning for zero tolerance when it comes to the utilization of these 3 architects of health decay and it’s not that easy to say who’s winning. Even harder to say which side I am on.

While information on weight loss recipe propaganda has been informative, butter et.al still remains to be yummy. Who will win this conflict? Only time and heart disease statistics will be able to tell.

The Negative Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss PillsWeight loss pills are pharmaceutical drugs designed to suppress the appetite of the consumer. There are also drugs of this nature which exhibits properties that can burn away the stored fat inside the body which then leads to loss of weight. However, like any other commercial drugs, weight loss products can have serious side effects that the public must be aware about.

Some weight loss supplements may contain chemicals such as Phen or Fen which could increase the possibility of having pulmonary hypertension. These are also weight loss products that contain laxatives – a chemical that makes the large bowels to empty. Laxatives can become harmful since it tends to decrease the stomach’s ability to properly digest the food.

There are also pills that contains diuretics which can cause electrolyte imbalance and potassium deficiencies. There are also weight loss drugs with addictive substance and can become habit forming to the person. There are also weight loss supplements that have gastrointestinal effects such as rectal and abdominal pain among others.

Some weight loss pills are also found to inhibit the body from absorbing important nutrients such as Vitamin D, K and Beta-Carotenes. There are also drugs for weight loss that might complicate previous health concerns of the consumer such as those with history of congestive heart failure and stroke. There are also dangers for consumers who have malabsorption syndrome, anorexic and those who have abused narcotic drugs in the past in taking in weight loss supplements.

Other negative effects of some weight loss products include hair loss, fever, depression, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, restlessness and insomnia. Some people may also experience diarrhea or constipation while consuming weight loss supplements. Some weight loss pills are also linked to impotence.

Weight Loss PillsThe list of ill-effects of diet pills continues on. It was found that some weight loss supplements can cause nervousness or tremor which could lead to heart failure. It is also common news to find people who accidentally overdosed themselves with diet pills which resulted to their death

Do not be deceived by so-called herbal diet pills or those supposedly made out of natural substances. The pills may not necessarily be much healthier and safer to use than conventional ones. There are cases when such “natural” diet pills have caused major health problems to its consumers.

You must be asking now if weight loss pills really works. The answer is both a yes and a no. Yes, to some degree because diet pills have been found effective in losing weight to some people and no because the effect of diet pills is only for a short and limited time.

The reason is that the human body is an awesome piece of God’s work. It tends to be reactive to the substances when continually exposed. As such, the initial intake of diet pills can do wonders but then the body adjusts such that the initial dose may not produce fruitful results as before.

As such, take only weight loss pills when one, it is doctors’ prescribed and two, under your doctor’s close supervision. Negating one can lead to drastic failures while forgetting these two rules is a disaster. So think twice before swallowing that little pill – you might get more than what you paid for.

Top Four Criteria for a Weight Loss Diet Pill

Weight Loss Diet PillAre you confused on what weight loss diet pill to buy in the market? Do not fret any more. You can easily find what you really need by using only four metrics.

These metrics are actually more of criteria to look for when choosing between several brands of effective weight loss pills. These are the weight loss power, safety issues, return policy and long-term benefits. Each offers a fresh new way to look at the products, more so about their market value.

The first criteria in looking for weight loss diet pill are of course, the weight loss power. This pertains to the ability of the weight loss tablets to lose some of the weight of any person. There are products that claim to show results in as little as week while there are some that needs a person to consume at least one month’s worth to be able to deliver some satisfactory results.

If you are looking for some fast action product, check the label of the weight loss diet pill. Then, validate the claims from people who actually used the product. If clinical studies and user’s testimonials back up the weight loss power stated by the diet pill, then you are assured about its effectiveness.

The second most important metric to check when it comes to weight loss diet pill is the safety factor. Effectiveness alone should not be the basis of purchase. You need to know what the potential side effects about certain drugs are.

Weight Loss Diet PillAlmost all effective weight loss pills have some form of side effects, just like any prescription drugs. Some of the common concerns from weight loss tablets are chronic headaches, oily stools and insomnia. There are also weight loss pills that aggravate certain heath concerns such as heart and liver problems.

The next important criterion is the store’s return policy. This will safeguard the consumer against diet pills that might not be compatible or upon first time usage, the user developed some kind of adverse effects. This way, the consumer can find something else that is more apt or they have the option to take their money back.

The last criterion when choosing weight loss diet pill is the long-term benefits. Doctors in particular, should be aware about the long-term advantages and disadvantages of any products, along with what should be expected by the consumer. It is also the responsibility of the diet pills user to know about these effects.

There are many more criteria that can be used to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of diet pills. These four are deemed of much higher value to the consumers and much easier to memorize. If the diet pills that you have in mind fail any of the criteria, then you will know whether to forego the decision to purchase it or not.

Weight loss diet pills are created to aid those who want to shed off a few pounds, on top of a regular weight loss program. However, you would not want to make a mistake of consuming diet pills that are unsafe and with unguaranteed results, no matter how popular it is now. So make it habit to research more about the diet pills that you want to buy to avoid costly mistakes.

The Thing About Natural Weight Loss

natural weight lossThere are a lot of people who feel the pressure that comes with losing weight and this is not something that is easy to do and such pressure only adds on to the stress of it all. Because of this, a number of people resort to fad diets and medicines that can hasten the weight loss process. What happens here is that they end up in the cycle of yo-yo dieting where they lose weight and gain it all back again and this is why it is so important to consider natural weight loss instead.

When it comes to natural weight loss, you can lose weight healthy and keep the pounds off. This is because you will not be resorting to all of these get thin quick schemes but proceed instead with a long term weight control program. At the end of the day, you will see the pounds melt away and you will not be gaining them anytime soon.

It is important to learn about how to lose weight naturally if you are considering taking this path. The first rule when it comes to natural weight loss is not using any type of weight loss pill. In this case, you should not be engaged in any fad diets as well.

To lose weight naturally, you need to change a lot of things aside from your eating habits. This kind of weight loss involves a complete lifestyle change. Other than healthy eating, you also need to consider doing some regular exercises.

When it comes to natural weight loss, you need to familiarize yourself with portion control. You need not deprive yourself from the food you like but you should learn to eat them in moderation. Do not scarf down an entire tub of ice cream and simply have a scoop once in a while.

natural weight lossYou should also familiarize yourself with the food pyramid. This is the best way to lose weight healthy as you are getting all of the nutrients that your body needs even if you are not eating as much. As much as possible, do not deprive yourself at this point because deprivation is what leads most people to effortless binging.

The answer to the question of how to lose weight naturally is changing your bad habits in terms of eating and exercise and reversing them altogether. Now that you are familiar with portion control and the food pyramid, you should learn about the value of exercising. If you are someone who is a couch potato, now is the time to get up off of that sofa and start moving about.

If you want to lose weight naturally, you should apply a balance between a healthy diet and exercise. These are the two primary elements when it comes to natural weight loss. You will be able to achieve the results you desire if you consider the both of these.

Natural weight loss is not simply about adopting a diet and exercise program. It is a complete lifestyle change. It is something that you do on a long term basis and this is what will help you lose the weight and keep it off. Sooner than later, not only have you kept those pounds away but you will be much closer to a brand new you the healthier version that is.

Keep in mind that when it comes to natural weight loss, you should think about nutrition and not deprivation. Other than nutrition, you should also consider exercise. If you apply a balance between these two elements, you will find the answer to how to lose weight naturally.

The Advantage of Natural Weight Loss Pills

Natural Weight Loss PillsNatural weight loss pills are products of pharmaceutical companies wherein the main compound or working substance is made out of organic and herbal supplements. Much like the conventional weight loss tablets, natural weight loss pills aims to reduce the body weight and size thru either fat burning or fat binding characteristics. Many people, both men and women, tend to favor these types of quick weight loss pills due to the keyword “natural”, which sounds very pleasing to the ears and connotes that the product is healthy to consume.

Fortunately, these claims prove to be unbiased as much of these available medicines to aid diet programs have passed rigorous tests and clinical trials. As such, these guarantees that the medicine is not only made out of natural products but also very safe to use. The only remaining question that needs to be answered is the effectiveness to further support the claim.

Natural weight loss pills as mentioned either contains fat burning or fat binding substances. Fat burning weight loss tablets generally increase the body’s metabolism while fat binding elements trap the fats and remove it from the body. The net effect of both actions is reduction in weight.

Natural Weight Loss PillsWhen the metabolism goes up due to fat burning diet pills, the body looks for viable sources of energy. It will subsequently tap the stored layers of fat, which are considered reserved sources in the body. As such, these fatty layers diminish and the body is left with a leaner figure.

Another type of natural weight loss pills is those that contain fat binding elements. This is significantly different from fat burners since fat binding works in the digestive system. The overall process involves two crucial steps.

First, all of the non soluble fibers molecules attach to the isolated lipids molecules in the person’s stomach. Lipids are fatty acids which are considered harmful to the health. When the non soluble fibers molecules are attached to the lipids molecules, the lipids now grow in size such that it cannot be digested anymore and must be passed out to the large intestine and then out of the body.

The second step is that the counterpart soluble fibers molecules form a digestible thick solution inside the stomach. The thick solution gives out the feeling of full stomach. As such, the person can now regulate the amount of food to consume.

Natural weight loss pills are very effective indeed in reducing a person’s weight. But much like its predecessors, the consumer might also experience some adverse side effects such as headaches and nausea-like feeling. Others experience severe acne while there are some that develops insomnia.

These side effects might not be completely eliminated. However, the degree of experience significantly varies from one person to another. As such, it is entirely possible to consume natural diet pills without having these ill effects.

Natural weight loss pills are among the safe alternatives that a person can choose to complement a weight loss program. However, it is still best to try and get in touch with your health specialists to get recommendations and to provide you with guidance when it comes to weight reduction. This way, you can be rest assured that the method that you are employing is not only safe, but can be trusted as well.

Easy Weight Loss Plan for Teens

Teens nowadays are very much concerned about the way they look and how they are perceived by their own peers. Indeed, they are very much inclined to follow the latest fad especially when talking about easy weight loss. As young as they are, they wanted to keep their body as slim as possible.

Figure 1: Teen can go easy weight loss plans to look good and fitHowever, those who wanted to go with easy weight loss must know that there are unsafe and untested ways to get that slim figure. And to avoid falling into that trap, a teenager must ensure that the weight loss program that they want to have must be as much as possible healthy, safe and trusted method. Fortunately, a teenager do not need to get lost with all the marketing and advertisement in media about slimming and dieting for there are easy weight loss tips specifically designed for them.

One important thing to know when choosing weight lose plans is to pick that aims to lose weight fast without pills. In addition, be wary of plans that claim that one can lose weight quick as if a teenager is huge balloon that just needs to release some air to get a much leaner shape. These tips will ensure that the teenager can have that great body without adverse health risks.

The first tip that every teens should remember is that they need to drink lots and lots of water. Their hectic schedules sometimes do not permit them to drink ample amounts of water and turn to sodas and colas instead. This is an absolute no, no, since much of colas are loaded with too much sugar and calories.

As such to lose weight fast without pills, a teenager must try to gulp water as often as possible, to replenish not only the thirst but also to fill up the stomach. Nonetheless, it is not suggested that a teenager should skip meals and lean on to water instead as water has no calories. Skipping meals is not only dangerous to the health but also unwise.

In addition, a teenager must eat a lot of fibrous and veggies for an easy weight loss program. Fiber aids the stomach for proper digestion while vegetables contain important vitamins and minerals which sometimes are not found on meat and dairy products. However, exercise some caution in eating raw vegetables as improper washing or unsanitary handling of such foods can make a person sick for days.

Another tip for an easy weight loss is limit the time spent on the television and on the internet. Too much sitting is bad for the bones and can make one go physically weak. Learn new hobbies and sports to keep both mind and the physical body active and alert.

If you are really concerned to lose weight quick for whatever reason, you may try to do some strength training and stretching exercises. Pilates is very good to make a much slimmer figure while yoga is very nice as a relaxing way to end the day. Choose the fitness regimen that you are most comfortable with so as to maximize all its possible benefits.

Another tip is to consult a health professional such as your local dietician or a fitness expert. They are trained personnel equipped with sufficient knowledge on how to help you get your desired body shape. They are also capable in giving out recommendations and weight loss plan that you can follow effectively.

Easy weight loss for teens is possible without resorting to crash diets and diet pills. These tips are made to help any teenagers in their goal in the most natural and healthy way. There is nothing wrong to desire a super body unless one puts themselves in considerable danger in the name of vanity.